Our Services

Cinema halls

Cinema has been one of the greatest influences in our modern life, and cinema is all about the technology to bring the realistic experience, acoustical interiors with good aesthetics and Facilities like commercial spaces around.

Acoustics solutions

Acoustics is the designing the space with complete understanding science how the sound behaviour in available space and enable engineering by applying suitable materials on the surfaces for achieving a good sound within the space.

Lighting Systems

Energy is a best word of engineering.in lighting Energy saved today is lighting for tomorrow. Lights are measured as energy taken and energy reproduced as per the need for desired application.Key issues are visual comfort and providing appropriate light levels for all the various tasks and activities that take place in the classroom.

ELV systems like access control , CCTV

In commercial or residential ELV plays a significant role for controlling and monitoring purposes. ELV system design and integration includes the following products as our scope , CCTV, Vehicle Access Control,Door Access Control, Lighting Control, Public Address Broadcasting.

Lighting control systems

The system is configured and started up using the LiveLink app and can be controlled very easily via tablet or smartphone. LiveLink control box: The control unit has a interface and can be controlled via tablet, smartphone or switch.it.